Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact details below, or send a message using the form if you have any questions about the website.

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Our email addresses are given below, or fill in the form on this page.
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For all enquiries about the Group plus details of contact Address and Telephone numbers, please send an e-mail  to Fredo. Or in preference please phone Fredo if you have already been given his number.

We are happy to give you personally our Address and Telephone numbers but we choose not to publish them on this website for security reasons.

As both Fredo and Mike are now retired from work, phonecalls not before 9.00am would be appreciated!  

In an emergency on the day of a performance, please contact Fredo as soon as possible, or you can leave a message on his mobile which will be switched on about 4.30pm. Please do not leave mobile messages for any other reason.

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