REVIEW OF TWO PLAGUE YEARS,    2020-2021 Part 1

I always love your enthusiasm, Libby, for being at the theatre. I can’t get to your local recommendations but our paths occasionally cross in the West End – we were both at Pantoland the final day before being locked out. I now look forward to your Part 2 – we managed 41 shows in 2021 but I expect your round-up will remind us of a missed treasure. May next week be the beginning of a new season of multi-mice reviews. Keep theatre-going!



I set out, in this eerie Twixtmas gap, to chronicle and celebrate the return of live theatre since May 2021. And this will follow. But when I totted up the 2021 score – sixty theatre nights, 30 being completely new plays and 19 brand-new productions – it seemed to me only decent to pause, look back at the year before, and remember first how sad, how scrimpingly poor was live theatre after I returned to it in March 2020 after six months’ sequestration on chemotherapy. The last treatment coincided with Day 1 of lockdown. The frustration was proportionally greater…

Theatrecat, for reasons of private principle, did not review ‘streamed’ shows, bar one particularly valiant local effort, because it felt wrong to approach them in the same way one does after a journey to a theatre, sharing the same air as the players. So there are gaps…

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